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Aurea Stone


Deep in the Apuane Mountains of Tuscany, Italy, we find the most beautiful white marbles the world has ever known. Here it began the rich tradition of Italian marble production. These exquisite stones have inspired so many throughout human history.

Its incomparable ivory white color with solemn grey veins, which penetrate beneath, transform this material into a stone with eternal majesty. Trace of time not only adds up more beauty and charm, but also turns it into an immortal marble.

Now, thanks to Phi Technology, you have DIVINE. A unique Statuario that will fit perfectly in your dream project.

Breathtaking grey seams flying through the whitest surface, in perfect balance between chromatic and esthetic design.

The extreme white of Divine provides with an out of this world effect to any environment.
Divine, where singularity has been taken to the last detail. Pure white, pure elegance.

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