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Aurea Stone

Exclusive Event Intended To Architects and Designers – at OHM International – Antioch

The Next Generation Quartz – Aurea Stone Event

OHM Antioch| June 14, 2018

Aurea Stone´s commitment to provide continuing education to expand professionals knowledge has brought us to OHM Nashville, where we presented THE NEXT GENERATION QUARTZ, with the tremendous support of the OHM Nashville team. This event has been the cherry on the cake to finish this amazing week in North Carolina and Tennessee.

Thank you very much to all the attendees, the turnout was awesome! Also to Andressa Rigon, Ben Woo, Laura Bolen, Carmen Barraza, Beth Bizianes, Fred Bryant, Misty Cadotte, Dwaine Campbell, Nalley Valdez and Saket Hans because your help has been essential to make this event a complete success!

You are the greatest people ever!

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