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AUREA STONE strengthens its leadership position in Australia!

Melbourne, Australia, March 5th.
A year later, Aurea Stone sponsors one of the most eagerly awaited events in Melbourne along with Zenstone.

Aurea Stone showcased its well-known collections, Art and Sequence, inspired by natural stone, 12 marble-look patterns characterized by incredible translucency and hyper realistic veining and depth, and now improved by NEOS, a cutting-edge technology, developed for Aurea Stone, which performs against stains and other substances to protect the surface for the years to come.

We are thrilled to have participated in this inspirational event and to have been able to provide a myriad of networking opportunities with more than one hundred professionals of the architecture, design and construction fields.

Aurea Stone is not only committed to support innovation within the stone industry and to invest in sustainability throughout its procedures, this occasion Aurea Stone helped to recover green Australia after the wildfires, sponsoring a golden glory pea seedling packet for attendees.

Aurea Stone is proud to partner with Zenstone in the distribution of its unique range of designs and would like to thank for working together to meet the latest trends in the market.

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