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Aurea Stone finishes the events in Australia with incredible success

Melbourne, Australia, October 18th: The icing on the cake of our trip to Australia came last evening in Melbourne, where Aurea Stone, hosted by DBC Centre, presented THE NEXT QUARTZ GENERATION: QUARTZ 2.0, in a unique showroom with over 8,000m2 of space.

More than 150 architects, designers and builders were able to admire the MOST REALISTIC MATCH TO NATURAL MARBLE, a grain-less engineered surface that offers high definition and translucency never seen before.

ART COLLECTION and also our striking new collection SEQUENCE were shown to all the attendees.

The welcome of Aurea Stone by the stone professionals from Australia could not have been more enthusiastic!

Thank you to David Schlieper and Rose Miles for your assistance to achieve this amazing result! 

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