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Aurea Stone Advantages

The Most Realistic Match To Nature Marble
With its new quartz technology, Aurea Stone has perfected the white marble quartz. A new generation – Quartz 2.0

Aurea Stone is…

The only quartz with high definition character movement evident in its sharp, clean, tight lines, which in previous generation quartz often appear blurry or washed out.

The only quartz with translucency equivalent to match real marble. Demostrations of this depth are evident through soft and subtle understones of color beneath the surfaces. Earlier generantion quartz has a more 2D surface appearance. The brightest and whitest on the market.

The only quartz with a grainless surface, resulting in better light reflection and higher shine.

The brightest and whitest on the market.

All these advancements are only possible through Phi Technology

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