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Aurea Stone's heat resistance has been improved vs. other engineered quartz product lines.

Yes, it is true, our patterns look like they are alive, and the incredible shifting of shades and movement inside makes them unique, as no other engineered stone does this.

The way Aurea Stone is produced, together with PHI Techology, provides a grainless surface with an extraordinary white background.

Like Natural Stone patterns, our veins show a unique translucent transparency that will make you believe they are real.

At last, get the look of high-end natural stones for any application, with a consistent appearance, consistent price and for any quantity needed. Ideal for those large projects.

Nano Enhancement of Surfaces (NEOS), is a new high-performance stain and substance repellent technology developed for Aurea Stone surfaces.


Divine proportion has been with us since the beginning, as it may be found in Mother Nature, the cosmos and beyond …
Over and over, the most iconic artists in history have used these proportions in their work, confirming the Aurea proportion’s role in creating and defining true beauty.

Aurea Stone brings together the benefits and durability of engineered stone, with the look of high-end natural stone.
All these colors have been released after an R&D program and in-depth research all over the world, finding the best patterns to replicate.


Leonardo Pisano, better known as Fibonacci, was born in Italy around 1175. At that time, most people in Europe used Roman numerals.

Leonardo found a way of making our lives easier. He had learned about the Hindu-Arabic system of numerals from his experiences with the merchants and scholars in the Tuscany, his native region, and saw that this system would be optimum to perform calculations of any difficulty.
He longed for this system to be widely known all across Europe. Nowadays, and thanks to Leonardo Fibonacci, we can use Arabic numbers; we have pretty useful accounting and computing systems; there is a whole stock exchange system to predict behavior in trends; and our understanding of nature has reached unimaginable frontiers.
This collection is a tribute to Fibonacci.

An Inspiring Sequence…An inspired Collection


Inspirational Environments by Aurea Stone, it is the new website section to share your Aurea pictures and inspiring others in their new projects.

We invite you to participate in our creative proposal by sending beautiful photos.

Share your Aurea Stone spaces, here you have some tips to take an amazing photo:

– Good lighting is the key, natural if possible
– Choose one decorative element and enhance it
– Angle the island and the countertop several times
– Try not to distance it too much


At Aurea Stone we are proud of our work and document the process with photos. Choose from our individual galleries below for detailed images of our products.

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